The mission of the MetroInsight project is to build an end-to-end system for knowledge discovery using highly-dimensional sensor time-series and real-time data streams to support the metropolitan infrastructure through effective analytics, workforce development and policy support. Working with a strategically chosen set of city governments in the Southwest, utilities and companies, we have unique access to specialized metropolitan data providers and National initiatives that have not yet been accessible to pipelines such as those proposed here. The project aims to overcome the data deluge caused by noisy multimodal urban sensory data. It will pursue advances in models and methods to transform multimodal urban data to a lower dimensional population-level data suitable for dynamic processing, real-time monitoring and visualization. MetroInsight proposes a workforce development plan focused on training the next generation of data scientists to analyze complex and subtle spatiotemporal dynamics of interdependent urban networks and provide assurances related to integrity and security of data, and compliance related to ethical and legal privacy expectations. Taken together, the data management infrastructure, the research efforts, community building and workforce development plan will advance the vision of an active western region big-data innovation hub that provides planners with important decision support and in advancing the metro-data science research theme.